‘Nasty forward minxes’ storm the ivory tower


‘Nasty forward minxes’ storm the ivory tower: tales from the fight for women’s rights to higher education

Tuesday 28 November 2014

In a talk for PemWomen@30, hosted by the Ivory Tower Society, Stephen Halliday charted the evolution of women as ‘fully-fledged human beings’ in Britain as a whole. He used ‘heroines’ like Florence Nightingale and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson to illustrate women’s slow acceptance into professions such as medicine. He then elaborated on the history of women at Cambridge and at Pembroke. It was an illuminating and highly entertaining talk, filled with now outrageous quotations and anecdotes, such as one from a barrister in the early 20th century who opposed women barristers on the grounds of their weak public speaking voices and inability to wear wigs with dignity!

Melisa Trujillo (2006)