SolidariTEA & PemWomen@30 Garden Party

IMG_0072On a cold and windy June day, the Library Lawn marquee was transformed into the vibrant setting for the SolidariTEA & PemWomen@30 Garden Party, replete with colourful bunting and balloons. The usual fare of Pimms and strawberries and cream was accompanied by a variety of other food and drink, including delicious homemade cakes courtesy of The Great Pembroke Bake-Off. The garden party was well attended by both undergraduates and graduates, and we enjoyed a great line-up of live bands. Perhaps the most unique and enjoyable aspect of the experience was the homemade, “DIY” ethic of the party, which included decorations and food, and gave the garden party a slightly more unusual, but very refreshing, atmosphere, with guests showing up in everything from lumberjack shirts to platform stilettos, cocktail dresses, jeans and the inescapable drinking society blazer. The variety of guests, food and entertainment made the garden party a resounding success.

Melisa Trujillo (2006)