As part of the PemWomen@30 launch week, SolidariTEA hosted a discussion about men’s role in feminism. But what is SolidariTEA? Founding member Charlotte Chorley (2012) explains:

SolidariTEA is Pembroke’s first, and only, feminist and intersectional discussion group.

Established in 2014 by Charlotte Chorley (2012) and Abby Jitendra (2011), it has become an active and vibrant community within College. SolidariTEA meets at least once a term, and acts as an inviting space where students of all genders can come and discuss issues such as: ‘Is homophobia sexist?’, ‘Lad culture and drinking societies’ and ‘How are men affected by the patriarchy?’ With tea, biscuits and great conversation, SolidariTEA is always a success, often requiring last-minute chair grabbing to facilitate the large number of people who attend.

There is also an online Facebook group where members can post articles or ask questions. We encourage a positive, inclusive attitude, where people can be introduced to feminism without all of the theoretical reading.  SolidariTEA is open and friendly; it is a space for those who are interested in feminism, regardless of whether or not they have read Beauvoir and Butler, and this attitude has ensured its popularity online and as a force within the College.