The Lady Smoker

On Saturday 24th January the Pembroke Players, prompted by PemWomen@30, debuted their first ever all-female smoker event in the Pembroke New Cellars.

Lady Smokers

‘The Lady Smoker’ will continue as an annual event, and this inaugural performance raised £321 for PemWomen@30 charity Camfed, a Cambridge-based charity dedicated to ending poverty in Africa through the education of girls and the empowerment of young women.

An all-female comedy showcase is rare indeed, but Saturday’s packed audience –with standing room only – proved an evening of all female comedy was the hottest ticket that night. The performances included musical comedy, short sketches, stand-up and monologues, with surprising topics ranging from a gangster-like nun and scatological disasters to British politeness.

The evening’s stars were by far the comedy sketches performed by Sasha Brooks, Lily London, Yasmin Freeman, and Eleanor Colville. All were brilliantly executed and witty, leaving the audience laughing at every performance. My favourite, as well as the audience’s, judging from the fact they could barely contain themselves, was Isa Bonachera. Isa’s impromptu and spontaneous performance was perfection. Who knew that ‘We hate it, we hate it good’ would unite us all in so much laughter and nods of acknowledgement.

I look forward to next year’s performance, and believe that the talent displayed merits more than just an annual event. I would love to see more Lady Smokers!

Cinthia Willaman (2010)

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