Stories and memories

Here we hope to gather member’s memories of the early years of co-residency and the ways in which the College has changed since 1984.

IMG_7923-001Being the first

Dr Valerie Kyle talks about being Pembroke’s first ever woman Fellow in 1983.

emmainsilverGoing solo

Emma Johnson (1985) on life as a student, a musician and Pembroke’s first female Honorary Fellow.

Jane Moore
Walking through memories

Reminiscences from Jane and Stuart Moore (both 1984), who were the first Pembroke marriage.

Kate Beales
I remember…

Kate Beales (1984) on life at – and since – Pembroke. (From Kit Smart’s blog, 3rd February 2015.)

Caroline Holmes
Girls everywhere

Mary Karavaggelis (2011) asks Caroline Holmes (née Buckley, 1984) about her memories of arriving at Pembroke.

Not a typical academic

Emeritus Fellow Barbara Bodenhorn on joining the Pembroke community as a feminist.

One of the guys

Sovaida Ma’ani Ewing (1985) speaks about being one of the first graduate students at Pembroke. (From Kit Smart’s blog, 18th September 2014.)

IMG_7924-001The female of the species

Dr Rivkah Zim talks about becoming Pembroke’s first resident female Fellow.

A toast to the Pembroke ladies

A transcript of the speech given by Caroline Holmes (née Buckley, 1984) at a dinner for matriculands of 1984 and 1994.

0_Vicky-BowmanO Pioneers!

Vicky Bowman (1984), the first ever female president of the Junior Parlour, writes about her experience of arriving at Pembroke. (From the Martlet, spring 2014.)

Fullscreen capture 02092014 152028Back to the future

Charlotte Chorley (2012), writes about how things have changed for women in the College. (From the Martlet, spring 2014.)

DiembergerWomen as patrons and innovators

Pembroke Fellow Hildegard Diemberger on inspirational women from ancient Tibet. (From the Martlet, spring 2014.)