Fees and Financial Support


Click here to access the University of Cambridge webpage that details the fees charged for studying the various graduate courses offered in Cambridge, as well as estimates for the maintenance costs (meals, accommodation, but not travel) involved in studying those courses.


The financial support available to students studying graduate courses at Pembroke can be divided into two:

  1. Scholarships and bursaries that are made available to students starting their graduate studies at Pembroke. Further details of these scholarships and bursaries, and how and when to apply for them can be found here.
  2. Financial support available to Pembroke graduate students while they are here. Such support includes:
  • Grants (of up to £1,500 over the course of their studies for PhD students, and up to £350 for MPhil students) to help towards the cost of attending academic conferences and going on research trips.
  • Hardship grants (up to a limit of £1,000) to assist graduate students in the event of an unforeseen and adverse change in financial circumstances.