Graduate Life

Whilst departments are responsible for the academic well being of its graduate students, this does not mean that the College will not take an active part in its graduates progress also. The College is keen for its graduates to establish links with Fellows and other students in the same discipline and also offers graduates the opportunity of meeting people from other disciplines. The College is there to offer friendly advice and support, not only in academic matters and relationships with departments and faculties, but also its graduates well being.

For graduates, the main role of a college is to look after their general welfare, including the provision of accommodation (so far as possible), meals and other social amenities. College facilities vary, but typically include a bar, student common rooms, library, laundry and computing facilities. Sports facilities, such as rowing, rugby, soccer, cricket, athletics, squash, tennis and badminton, are usually available at little or no cost. All graduates are assigned a college Graduate Tutor, whose role is to help you with any problems outside the responsibility of your academic supervisor, such as personal, welfare or finance problems. Most colleges also have a Chapel, and a Chaplain or Dean who are also available to provide personal support.

If you have any remaining queries about life as a graduate student at Pembroke, please contact Frances Kentish, the Secretary for Graduate Admissions.