Pembroke sees its graduate students as integral to the life of the College.  Whilst a graduate student’s academic life is focused on the department, the College also takes an active interest in its students and is keen for its graduates to establish links with Fellows and other students in the same discipline as well as offering the opportunity of meeting people from other disciplines.  To facilitate this the College organises:

  • a Graduate Seminar where selected graduates present their work to other members (Fellows, students, staff) of the College with prizes being awarded for the best presentation;
  • A Poster Exhibition where graduates can present a poster of their work for a non specialist audience with prizes being awarded (the posters are then on display the following day for the Benefactors garden party)
  • Supervisors’ Dinner where graduates can invite their research supervisor to a dinner in the Old Library (paid for by the College)
  • Termly shared suppers where graduates and fellows can mingle in a more informal setting.
  • An annual cricket match – Graduates versus Fellows and staff


The College is also there to offer friendly advice and support to its graduates in all matters.  All graduates are assigned a Graduate Tutor whose role is to help you with any problems outside the responsibility of your academic supervisor, such as personal, welfare or finance problems.

On top of all of the above Pembroke has a very active Graduate Parlour Committee, providing a huge range of opportunities for Pembroke graduates to socialise together, as well as taking on the responsibility for looking after the interests of graduate students at Pembroke.  The actual Graduate Parlour is the graduates’ social space and occupies a central location in the College.

Other activities Graduates can get involved in include:

The Ivory Tower Society

A Pembroke College society devoted to discussing any subject anyone wishes to discuss.

Music at Pembroke

There is a flourishing Music Society at Pembroke, which puts on a weekly recital series and orchestral concerts every term. There is a Chapel Choir, as well as the graduate Wren Choir, which meets for rehearsals and performances during the vacations in the Pembroke College Chapel.

The Stokes Society

The Stokes Society is Pembroke’s Natural Sciences Society. It runs regular talks, as well as book sales, cocktail evenings, and an annual black tie dinner.

The Pembroke Players

The most active drama society in Cambridge, putting on 10-15 drama productions and comedy smokers every year.

College Sports

Click here to access more information about the range of sporting activities that are open to Pembroke graduates