Welfare and Pastoral Support

Pembroke provides many different sources of support to its graduate students in times of need.

The Graduate Tutors

Every Pembroke graduate is allocated a Tutor from among the Fellows at Pembroke. A graduate’s Tutor is there to provide the graduate with a ready source of help and advice when it is needed, and also to represent the graduate’s interests in asking the College for further support for the graduate.

The College Nurse

The College Nurse is available at specified hours every weekday to see all students who are feeling unwell.

The Graduate Parlour

The Graduate Parlour Committee has a Welfare Officer who is there to help ensure that the welfare of graduate students is properly catered for by the College. It also runs (in conjunction with the undergraduate Junior Parlour Committee) a listening scheme, whereby a number of students (graduate and undergraduate) make themselves available to listen to the concerns of other students who are going through problems.

Click here for information about the support available within Pembroke for disabled students.

There are also numerous forms of support outside the College that are available to Pembroke graduates who are having problems, including the Cambridge University Counselling Service, and the Cambridge University Student Union.