Timeline for Applications for Undergraduate Places

15 October Closing date for receipt of undergraduate and affiliated applications. Late applications will not be accepted
 22 October Deadline for the completion of the Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ)
 by 26 October All applicants will receive a confirmation email detailing what to expect. It will contain important deadlines and you must read the information contained in the email carefully
You will also receive another email containing the University of Cambridge Data Protection statement.  It is essential that you reply to this email in order for us to proceed with your application
 by 30 October Candidates who have declared a disability on their UCAS application will be sent a form on which they are asked to indicate any adjustments that would need to be made if they were called to interview
2 November (12noon)  This is the deadline for applicants to reply to the Data Protection email
  8 November Deadline for submission of written work to Pembroke in subjects where requested
 8 November Deadline for receipt of disability adjustments/allowances form
November We will be in contact with applicants who will not be invited for interview. Those invited for interview will also be sent their interview details during November.  If you have not heard from us either way by 25 November, then please contact the Admissions Office. Please do not telephone or email the Admissions Office before 25 November if you can possibly avoid doing so, as this delays the completion of interview invitations
December Interviews this year will take place between 30 November and 14 December 2017
early January Applicants being called back for further interviews at other colleges will be contacted by those colleges by telephone or email
 11 January Decision letters will be posted to all applicants. Please note that the aim is for UCAS decisions to show just after decision letters have arrived, but it is impossible, as a result of the postal system, to ensure that everyone receives a letter before the decision becomes visible on UCAS. Please note that if you receive a letter at this stage to say that your application is still under consideration, ‘No Decision’ will show on UCAS
 January Pool interview dates for those placed in the ‘Inter-Collegiate Pool’ who have been called back for further interview by another College
18 January Latest date for those placed in the ‘Inter-Collegiate Pool’ to receive information, normally in the form of a final decision, about the status their application
Please note that, if unforeseen circumstances arise, your communication by this date may be a note to say that we are awaiting a final decision