Living Expenses, Fees and Financial Support

Pembroke and Cambridge University are committed to ensuring that financial need is not a barrier to attending the University. In the following pages, we have produced some notes about fees, living expenses, and the financial support that is available.

The cost of studying at University can be divided into two parts:

  1. Tuition fees (what you pay towards course costs)
  2. Daily living costs (maintenance)
Tuition Fees

Tuition fees costs will vary depending how you are classified for fee purposes. Helpful guidance on this can be found on the UKCISA website. Information concerning fees and also the possible financial support that may be available to you can be found in the following pages is divided into the following categories of students:

Daily living costs

Almost all Pembroke undergraduates live in college-owned accommodation for the full three or four years that they are in Cambridge. Students live in single study bedrooms either on the main college site or in college-owned houses nearby. There are three terms in Cambridge, Michaelmas, Lent and Easter, and rents are charged termly. Terms last for eight weeks, though students are in residence for nine or ten weeks; please note that rent is not charged if you are not here, i.e. during the vacations. Most students therefore pay rent only for between 27 and 30 weeks each academic year. Rents vary according to the size of room and facilities offered; electricity and Ethernet charges are included in the rent. In 2017/18 most rents will be in the range £85.95 – £131.30 per week and are among the cheapest in Cambridge.  The table below lays out maximum and minimum annual costs in 2017/18:

Accommodation max rent £131.30/week
Accommodation min rent £85.95/week
Kitchen Facilities Charge* £164.00/term
Approximate weekly living costs (includes food expenditure)** £110.00/week
Max. annual costs, based on ten weeks residency £7,731.00
Min. annual costs, based on ten weeks residency £6,370.50

*The kitchen facilities charge (known as KFC) contributes towards the running costs of the College kitchens and allows the College to offer meals at lower prices.
**Please note that this is a minimum estimated figure, and that living costs vary from student to student depending on lifestyle and other factors.

The University estimates that students need approximately £9,160 to cover living expenses in Cambridge. However, in consultation with Pembroke students and as the above table suggests, Pembroke estimates that a figure of between £7,800 and £8,500 is normally be sufficient for its students.