Other Financial Support

The following support is available to all students

Pembroke hardship grants

Our means tested awards outlined above are designed to address the financial needs of our students. But where financial circumstances change suddenly and to meet occasional additional costs, Pembroke has a flexible scheme which offers extra funds to those who fall into proven need, at any time during their course. Students will need to be prepared to discuss their financial circumstances with their Tutor; these discussions are confidential.

Pembroke support for specific study-related costs, travel etc.

Pembroke also offers financial assistance, wherever possible, to students to help with specific study-related costs, course-related travel and certain extramural activities. For example, it:

  • awards grants to students who need to remain in Cambridge, for study purposes, outside of term;
  • offers all students a book grant of up to £60 per year towards relevant course books;
  • offers help towards the payment of music lessons;
  • offers help towards additional language teaching where appropriate;
  • offers travel grants for work-related trips;
  • organises exchange schemes with other universities;
  • awards grants for sports-related expenses for serious sportsmen and women;
  • in some circumstances assists with the purchase of essential equipment for a course.
Pembroke merit awards

Students who achieve First Class Honours in any Tripos examination are awarded Scholarships of £150–£200 per year, and Prizes of between £100 and £200. Book prizes of between £50 and £100 are awarded to those who gain a number of first class marks on their examination papers, but do not achieve a first overall.

Paid employment

The Cambridge Term is short and very intense, and we do not normally allow students to take paid employment during term time. However, most students take on some form of paid employment during the vacations. In particular, Pembroke runs Easter and Summer Schools for students from overseas universities: these provide a popular source of employment for Pembroke undergraduates who wish to stay in Cambridge for a few weeks during these vacations, while earning money acting as programme assistants.