Home and EU Students

When considering how to fund coming to university it is important to separate your costs into tuition fees and daily living costs.


Tuition fees

The University of Cambridge charges British and European students tuition fees of £9,250 for all undergraduate degree courses. To pay for your tuition fees all students, irrespective of their household income, are eligible to take out a loan from the Student Loan Company (SLC) to cover all or part of the £9,250 tuition fees.  If you take out a loan for your fees via the SLC then this will be paid directly to the College.  Repayment of this loan is deferred until after you have graduated and are earning over £21,000 a year.

Daily Living costs

Significant financial support is available from UK Government funds for UK students, from the University, and from the College to help you meet the costs of your maintenance.

All Government and University support, and most College support, is linked to your household income.  The levels of support available to UK students from central Government funds can be found here:

Students from England Students from Northern Ireland
Students from Scotland Students from Wales


Support available from the University is through the Cambridge Bursary scheme.

The above websites all have calculators where you can work out the support available depending on your household income.

Students from the EU: please note that although UK Government maintenance support is not available to you, you are eligible to apply for the Cambridge Bursary Scheme if your household income is below a set threshold, as set out on the Cambridge Bursary Scheme webpages.

Pembroke specific financial support

Whilst most of Pembroke’s financial support is linked to household income, Pembroke is also able to offer smaller grants to students irrespective of their household income.

Fee bursaries

The College plans to offer a limited number of £6,000 fee bursaries to undergraduate students from households with a residual income of less than £25,000 and who have either spent more than three months in care, are lone parents, or received free school meals whilst at school.  A student from a household with a residual income of less than £25,000 who does not meet one of these criteria might still qualify for a fee bursary.

Means tested maintenance support

Pembroke seeks to offer targeted financial help to students to reduce their debt burden (to be eligible for any of its schemes you must have been financially assessed by Student Finance).  With the abolition of the maintenance grant the College is currently revising its policy for means-tested support.  It will be offering financial support to any student who receives some portion of means-tested support.  More information will be put on this page as soon as this policy has been finalised.

A summary of the support available can be found here.

Other financial support

Pembroke also has separate funds to help with such things as course-related activities and extra-curricular interests these are available to all students and full details are available here.