One Year Study (Junior Year Abroad)

One year visiting students will be liable for both tuition fees and the College fee. The amount of tuition fee you will pay will depend on where you are resident.

  1. Junior Year Abroad (JYA) schemes from the United States. In almost all cases, JYA students are liable to College and University fees at the overseas rate (see overseas students for rates).
  2. Tuition fees for 1 year European students in 2015/16 are £9,000, the College fee is £6,435 for 2015/16. It is necessary to have resided full-time in the EU for three years prior to coming to Cambridge in order to qualify for this level of fee rather than the overseas rate.

One year visiting students will be required to provide a financial guarantee stating that they have sufficient funds to cover all their costs for the duration of their course at Cambridge.

Please also see: Applying as a one-year visiting undergraduate for further information.

Other financial support

Pembroke also has separate funds to help with such things as course-related activities and extra-curricular interests these are available to all students and full details are available here.