Overseas Students

Overseas students (those from outside the EU) are required to pay University and College fees. Details of the fees for 2017-18 are given below, both University and College fees will increase in subsequent years.

1 2 3 4 5
University fee £16,608 £18,522 £21,732 £25,275 £40,200
College fee £7,131 £7,131 £7,131 £7,131 £7,131
Total £23,739 £25,653 £28,863 £32,406 £47,331


Group 1: Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic;  Asian and Middle Eastern Studies; Classics; Economics; English; History; History of Art; Land Economy; Law; Linguistics; Modern and Medieval Languages; Philosophy; Human, Social, and Political Sciences (HSPS); Theology and Religious Studies

Group 2: Mathematics

Group 3: Architecture; Geography; Music

Group 4: Chemical Engineering; Computer Science; Engineering; Management Studies; Manufacturing Engineering; Natural Sciences; Psychological and Behavioural Sciences

Group 5: Both Pre-Clinical and Clinical training of the MB and VetMB degrees

Financial support and scholarships available for overseas students

The University and colleges have some rather limited funds to help overseas students at the undergraduate level. Most support is in the form of part-cost, means tested bursaries.

You cannot apply for funding until after you have been assessed academically and offered a place at Pembroke. At that stage the College will send you an application form to complete if you wish to apply for financial support, either from the College or from the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust (in short the Trust).

The College works with the Trust to supplement its funding of overseas students where both bodies consider it appropriate. Please note that students are almost always informed of any College support at or near the same time as they hear from the Trust. Apart from the Blyth Scholarship for Canadians, there are not normally any separate college bursaries or scholarships available for overseas students.

Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust (in short the Trust)

The Trust was established by the University of Cambridge to provide financial assistance for outstanding students from outside the UK who, without financial help, would be unable to take up their places at Cambridge. In certain cases (but not all cases) if the Trust has made an award, then the College might also be in a position to contribute towards a students cost. In January we will send you an application form for the Trust. It is very important that you clearly state your financial situation (this will not affect your place here) as it will be for the College to decide whether to put you forward for an award and what, if any, financial packet it might be able to offer you.

Please remember that you can only apply to the Trust before starting your course and it will not be possible to make an application to the Trust once you have started your course.

Please also consult the University Admission pages for other University scholarships.

Other financial support

Pembroke also has separate funds to help with such things as course-related activities and extra-curricular interests these are available to all students and full details are available here.