Law is probably unique among the subjects you can study at Cambridge in being completely unlike any subject you will have studied at school (including Law A-Level). The purpose of this virtual classroom is to take you through a number of exercises that will help you:

(1) get a better understanding of the nature and function of law, and some of the debates that surround the law;


(2) develop some of the skills involved in studying and practising law.

The classroom is divided into two: an ‘Understanding Law’ section, and a ‘Legal Skills’ section. It is recommended that you look at the ‘Understanding Law’ section before the ‘Legal Skills’ section, and that you do the exercises in each section in the order in which they are set out.

1. Understanding Law 2. Legal Skills
Exercise 1A. Law and Co-ordination Exercise 2A: The Chain Novel
Exercise 1B: Law and Rights Exercise 2B: Constructing a rule
Exerices 1C: Law and Power Exercise 2C: Reading a Case
Exercise 1D: Law and Morality Exercise 2D: Reading a Statute


If you are interested in exploring the Internet for materials related to studying Law, then it might be useful for you to look at the companion website to Nick McBride’s Letters to a Law Student book here.