Data Protection

With respect to the web, Pembroke College seeks to comply with the Data Protection Act of 1998 by following the JISC Data Protection Code of Practice. Individuals who wish to learn more about their rights may visit the Data Protection Act web site. Any one with questions or concerns about the practices of Pembroke College with respect to the Data Protection Act should email

Information on the Pembroke web site that may fall under the auspices of the Data Protection Act is made available to further the normal organisational functioning, management and interests of the College. Pembroke seeks to make reasonable efforts to ensure that any non-essential uses of personal data take place with the consent of the relevant data subjects. The College also endeavours to avoid distributing any personal data that might reasonably be considered likely to cause the data subject damage or distress.

Photographs on the Web

Pembroke seeks to treat photographs on the College web site as personal data when an individual is clearly identifiable. The College’s scrutiny of such images will be based upon how easily identifiable an individual is from the photograph as well as from related textual content. In keeping with University advice consent includes posing for a photograph when such potential use is known or reasonably expected, as well as verbal or written consent at the time or subsequently. The College will make reasonable efforts to ensure that such consent has been obtained before use and where this is not possible will avoid use where it may reasonably be considered likely to cause the data subject damage or distress. The College will also respond promptly to any subsequent request to remove a photograph from the web site by an individual who is clearly identifiable in that image. Such a request should be made to a member of the IT staff in the first instance at

When taking pictures which may be used on the web or in other publications the College’s policy is to ask for the consent of any individuals who will be clearly identifiable. If consent is not given then photographs focusing on those individuals should not be taken. Where an individual who does not wish to give consent is a member of a larger group they should be allowed to leave the group while the photograph is taken. In the case of pictures provided to the College by other sources (such as alumni groups or students) the College will confirm with the provider of the images that any clearly identifiable individual has consented to such distribution.

At Pembroke functions where photographs may be taken the College will attempt to notify all participants through distributed or posted material so that they are aware of the potential for and so that they know whom to contact if they do not wish to appear in such use. Similarly all staff and students of the College will be notified that in the normal course of College events photographs may be taken which would be used on the web or in other publications. They should inform the person responsible for the relevant publication if they do not wish to appear in such photographs. In the case of the Web, the IT staff at are the persons to inform.

Information Logged through Normal Web Site Usage

As part of the normal process of serving pages, and in the same fashion as almost all web sites, the computer which hosts the College’s site logs all page and information requests (also known as hits). Amongst the information collected in these logs is the IP address of the computer requesting the information. In some cases, when combined with other details, this may allow for the identification of a specific user’s computer. In its general activities the College only employs these logs to determine general information about the use of the web site, and not to determine information about specific users.

Policies and forms

Pembroke’s data protection policy can be downloaded here and an access to personal data form can be downloaded here.