Gender pay gap data and analysis

Pembroke College is below the size threshold for compulsory publication of Gender pay gap data, but has decided to publish the data voluntarily. The overall percentage of male (48.5%) and female (51.5%) employees is similar but differs across departments. There is no gender variation in pay for equivalent posts, but considerable variation in the spread of roles between genders.

For example, at Pembroke, Housekeeping and Catering are the largest departments; 85% of Housekeeping staff are female and these tend to fall into the lower pay quartiles (the majority being cleaners being paid just over the Living Wage). In contrast, 62% of Catering staff are male and they tend to be in the mid quartiles. Gardening, for example, is all male and lower paid, but there are fewer gardeners than cleaners.

Overall 61% of Academics are male and they tend towards the upper quartile of pay; however this mixes (early career) Research Fellows who are in the mid quartiles of pay, and where there is a 50-50 gender split (exactly 6 of each gender at present) with more senior academics where males predominate. For Professorial fellows (whose main employment is with the University of Cambridge) out of 27, only 4 are female.

Heads of Department are fairly evenly divided between male and female although the most senior management positions currently tend to be filled by males. There are other departments that have mainly male staff (Porters, Maintenance, IT, Gardens) and others that have mainly female (Admissions, Tutorial, Library, Finance/HR). The mean gender pay gap is 20.25% in favour of male staff across all employees, although the gap is closer when splitting academics (8.52%) from operational staff (5.44%). This suggests more equality of pay than the headline gap suggests.

Not all staff received a separate bonus but for those that do, the mean bonus is 23.27% higher for males. As bonuses are a fixed proportion of annual pay, this is perhaps not surprising. In terms of where genders fall in the 4 quartiles, more females are at the lower end and more males are at the higher end. At the lower end this relates to Housekeeping staff being mostly part-time and female. At the higher quartile is where the Heads of Department and Academics reside and there are rather more males in those areas.

Mean Rates
Mean female hourly rate £15.83
Mean male hourly rate £19.85
Mean gender pay gap 20.25% in favour of males
Mean gender pay gap Staff 5.44% in favour of males
Mean gender pay gap Academic 8.52% in favour of males
Mean female bonus £1,201.35
Mean male bonus £1,565.62
Mean bonus pay gap 23.27% in favour of males
Median Rates
Median female hourly rate £12.35
Median male hourly rate £13.93
Median gender pay gap 11.34% in favour of males
Median female bonus payment £969.50
Median male bonus payment £1,720.88
Median bonus gap 43.66% in favour of males
Lowest pay quartile 67.74% Female
32.26% Male
2nd quartile 50.00% Female
50.00% Male
3rd quartile 56.45% Female
43.55% Male
4th quartile 31.15% Female
68.85% Male
Bonus Quartiles
Lowest pay quartile 73.00% Female
27.00% Male
2nd quartile 80.00% Female
20.00% Male
3rd quartile 33.00% Female
67.00% Male
4th quartile = 44.00% Female
56.00% Male