Statute 5: The Fellows

S5.1 The classes of Fellowship carrying membership of the Society shall be prescribed by Ordinance.OrdinancesRegulations
S5.2 Subject to Appendix A, the procedures for the election, tenure, and termination of Fellowships shall be prescribed by Ordinance. The stipends and other emoluments of each category of Fellow shall be prescribed by Regulation. In furtherance of the College’s purposes, Fellows shall be entitled to dine daily free of charge at common table.OrdinancesRegulations
S5.3 The Society may make Ordinances to create categories of Fellowship or honorary status that do not carry membership of the Society and are not Fellowships for the purposes of section 7 (2) (as amended) of the Oxford and Cambridge Act 1923. Within these categories of Fellowship or honorary status, the Society shall make Ordinances for Emeritus, Honorary and Bye-Fellowships. Any privileges and emoluments of such Fellows may be prescribed in Regulations. OrdinancesRegulations