Graduate Poster Display

by Becky Coombs

Heralding the start of the May Week, the Graduate Poster Display is one of the College’s finest (newer!) traditions.  First held in 2006, it is an opportunity for Pembroke graduates to show their research to their peers, fellows and alumni.  It is also a fine illustration of how vibrant and diverse Pembroke’s post-graduate community is today.

This year twenty-four students submitted entries, covering topics as diverse as theodicy in 18th century Germany, patronage of Sufi architecture and aerogels.  Posters were judged by a panel of Graduate Tutors not just on the excellence of the work, but also by how well the posters explained often very complex ideas to a non-specialist audience.

Prizes were awarded by Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe, Tutor for Graduate Affairs, to the three best posters and also to the best poster produced by a first-year PhD or MPhil student.  Second-year PhD student Paula Koelemeijer (Earth Sciences) took first prize with her poster entitled: ‘Studying Earth’s Deep Interior using Free Oscillations’.  Danika Parikh (Archaeology) was second with her poster on Peopling the Indus, and Rick Lupton (Engineering) third prize for his poster on the dynamics of floating wind turbines.  The first-year prize was awarded to Amanda Morgan (Art History) for a poster on the jewellery designs of C R Ashbee.


1st prize: Paula Koelemeijer – Studying Earth’s Deep Interior using Free Oscillations
2nd prize: Danika Parikh – Peopling the Indus: Bronze Age Identity and Material Culture in India
3rd prize: Rick Lupton – Dynamics of Floating Wind Turbines

1st year prize: Amanda Morgan – The Jewellery Designs of C R Ashbee

Full list of entries:

Thomas Akoensi (PhD Criminology) – Self-belief in moral rightfulness of authority (Power-holder legitimation) among prison officers in Ghana: A qualitative study

Pamela Black (PhD Education) – Genetics-talk: bio-causal or passive, dialogic or authoritative

Johannes Börjesson (PhD Theology) – The Reception of Augustine in Byzantine Theology

Jennifer Brewin (PhD Art History  (1st year)) – Art, exhibitions and artistic institutions in the South Caucasus during the first two decades of Soviet occupation, 1921-1939

Christian Cimorra (PhD Physics) – Magnetic nanoparticle-based approach for targeted cancer treatment

Peter Dudfield (PhD Earth Sciences (1st year)) – Interseasonal Heat Storage

Chiba Ene (PhD Medical Sciences) – Histone demethylase Jumonji D3 (JMJD3) as a Tumor Suppressor by Regulating p53 Activity through Lysine Demethylation

Alex Englander (PhD Philosophy & Religion) – The Fate of Theodicy: Germany 1710-1831

Lorna Fairbairn, Jane McIvor & Hannah Rickman (Clinical Medics) – Medical Elective 2012 – Malawi

Anna Ferrari (PhD History of Art) – ‘The Madmen’s Corner’: Modern Art under the German Occupation of Paris (1940-44)

Peyvand Firouzeh (PhD Asian & Middle Eastern Studies (1st year)) – Patronage of Sufi Architecture: the case of Shah Minatullah Vali’s Shrine at Mahan

Cedar Fowler (PhD Veterinary Medicine) – Elucidation of the in vitro characteristics associated with Lady Windermere Syndrome.  Subject matter: Immunology / Infectious Disease / Clinical Research

Arshad Hadjirin (PhD Asian & Middle Eastern Studies) – Ibn al-Kahtib: a quintessential local historian of al-Andalus

Matthias Hofer (PhD Clinical Neurosciences) – ‘Hairless’ in Oligodendrocyte Differentiation: a link between Thyroid Hormone and Epigenetics

Anna Judson (MPhil Classics (1 year)) – The Linear B Inscribed Stirrup Jars

Paula Koelemeijer (PhD Earth Sciences) – Studying Earth’s deep interior using free oscillations

Rick Lupton (PhD Engineering) – Dynamics of Floating Wind Turbines

Fraser McNair (MPhil History (1 year)) – The Evolution of Comital Power: Normandy and Flanders, c.911-988

Amanda  Morgan (MPhil PhD Art History (1 year)) – The Jewellery Designs of C R Ashbee

Danika Parikh (PhD Archaeology) – Peopling the Indus: Bronze Age identity and material culture in India

Kendell Pawelec (PhD