Pembroke welcomes a new Corporate Partner

by Jane Moorman

We are pleased to announce that last week the Chinese Weekly newspaper became the latest company to sign up with Pembroke’s Corporate Partnership Programme.

The partnership was forged during a high-profile Chinese Global Media Summit, where senior representatives of leading Chinese media organisations came to Cambridge to hold discussions with top UK media leaders, all in the conducive surroundings of Pembroke College, one of Cambridge’s most ancient and successful colleges.

The Chinese Weekly newspaper, founded by Kai Dai (2010), a former Pembroke EMBA student, provides coverage of exceptional quality on both local UK and international events and features separate, dedicated Culture and Metropolitan sections.  Independent, fresh and forward-thinking, it is the only newspaper that uses Simplified Chinese (standardized Chinese characters prescribed for use in Mainland China after 1949) on the UK media market, targeting 400,000 Chinese readers.  The 48-page weekly newspaper reaches an educated, opinion forming audience within the Chinese speaking community, with a weekly circulation of 30,000 copies in 40 cities throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.