Pembroke’s miaowest Members

by Sally March
One of the Pembroke kittens (c. 3 months old)

Marie – or is it Millie?

We are pleased to introduce Pembroke’s two newest Members, kittens Marie and Millie.

Marie and Millie, black domestic shorthaireds, are the latest in an illustrious line of Pembroke cats that includes Thomasina Gray and Kit Smart. Marie was named in honour of the Lady Foundress, Marie de Valence. Her sister, Millie, takes her name from Mrs Sarah Millicent (later Mrs Lonsdale), who bequeathed the College in c. 1807 the Barham estate inherited from her husband, lord of the manor of Linton, Richard Millicent.

The kittens are currently only a few months old and are only just beginning to explore their surroundings. Sitting on the window sill, watching the traffic pass by on Pembroke Street, seems to be a favourite pastime at present.

As the kittens are so young, we would be grateful if students could limit their visits to the times when they when they have an appointment with a member of the Tutorial Office.

We look forward to Marie and Millie being part of Pembroke life for many years to come.

Photos: Ellie Gould and Pat Aske