7th Annual Andrew Chamblin Memorial Concert

by Sally March

Dr Andrew Chamblin (1969-2006)

The seventh annual Andrew Chamblin Memorial Concert will be given by Nicolas Kynaston HonFRCO HonRAM at 8 pm in Christ Church Cathedra, Oxford on Tuesday 11th June 2013. Mr Kynaston will play an hour-long programme of Baroque organ works by Bach, Mendelssohn and Mozart. Admission is free with everyone welcome – there are no reserved seats.

Earlier this month Professor Frank Close OBE delivered the seventh annual Andrew Chamblin Memorial Lecture, entitled “The Infinity Puzzle – From the Higgs Boson to the LHC”.

The annual lecture and concert are held in memory of Dr Andrew Chamblin (1995), who died in 2006. Andrew was Pembroke’s Drapers’ Research Fellow in Theoretical Physics between 1995 and 1999. Born in Lubbock TX, Andrew did his undergraduate degree in mathematics at Rice University, before moving to Oxford to do his Master’s degree with Professor Sir Roger Penrose. After receiving an invitation to study under Stephen Hawking he moved to Cambridge to undertake a PhD in Theoretical Physics. While in Cambridge he was appointed to the position of Research Fellow at Pembroke. After leaving Cambridge Andrew worked at MIT, Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of Louisville and University of Kentucky.

To learn more about Andrew’s life, please visit http://andrewchamblin.org/.