Mark Nelson wins 2013 Pembroke Mile

by Sally March

The 2013 Pembroke Mile* was won by Mark Nelson in a time of 6:23, with Richard Ollington second in 6:33. Hannah Officer was the fastest woman (9:08), while Dr Nilanjana Datta was the fastest Fellow (10:39).

A last-minute adjustment had to be made to the course, as the underpass linking Sheep’s Green and Coe Fen was knee deep in water. This meant that runners were at the mercy of the traffic lights on Fen Causeway, which negated the possibility of runners setting PBs.

Archie Wood was awarded the prize for best fancy dress while PCRFC won two prizes: best sports team and most original way of completing the race. Hopefully all the extra rolling maul practice they got will stand them in good stead for their Cupper’s semi-final against Downing on Tuesday 5 March.

The College and the 1347 Committee would like to thank all the students and Fellows who braved the cold yesterday to run the Pembroke Mile and raise £290 for the Pembroke African Scholarship Scheme.

Top 3 men:
1st Mark Nelson – 6:23
2nd Richard Ollington – 6:33
3rd Lee Sharkey – 6:59

Top 3 women:
1st Hannah Officer – 9:08
2nd Margaret Coons – 9.35
3rd Eleanor Dalgliesh – 9.49

Dr Nilanjana Datta
Professor Jan Maciejowski
Dr Sarah Nouwen and Laura Nouwen

Prize for best fancy dress:
Archie Wood as a wolf

Most original way of completing the Mile:
PCRFC – in a rolling maul

Best sports team:

*Ok, it’s a bit longer than a mile…