Kai Dai – Rising to the Challenge of the “Chinese Dream”

by Jane Moorman

Kai Dai, who is to be admitted into the College as a William Pitt Fellow on 14 May, was filmed for Chinese national TV, in a programme broadcast across China on 12 April this year.

Kai’s office has sent us the following information:

In his recent rise to leadership, China’s President Xi Jinping, brought with him his vision of China’s global presence and stature through the achievements of Chinese individuals both nationally and internationally – known now throughout China as “The Chinese Dream”. His vision aims to honor accomplished Chinese nationals at home and abroad as role models and symbols of the limitless opportunities for anyone with a Chinese Dream of their own.

In the initiation of this vision, China’s national television broadcasting corporation, CCTV-News is presenting dedicated news segments on selected individuals representing this vision globally – the first of which has been Kai Dai, a Cambridge Executive MBA alumnus of Pembroke College, Managing Director of The Chinese Weekly and life-long entrepreneur.

CCTV Kai Dai News Broadcast

This dedicated 3 minute segment broadcast exclusively throughout the entirety of China on the 12th of April, 2013 during the daily news feature, highlighting Kai Dai’s experience as an entrepreneur in the United Kingdom and his own Chinese Dream for Chinese to gain a powerful voice in western society, allied with China’s increasing international influence.

When asked to comment on the pursuit of his Chinese Dream, the Cambridge alumnus related that he believes in creating his own opportunities and resolving to absolute resolution once a path is chosen, an ideal that Kai Dai holds dear and continues to drive him forward.