Kat Suddaby wins Dan Rookwood Sports Award

by Sally March

The Master presenting Kat Suddaby with the 2013 Dan Rookwood Award

Congratulations to Kat Suddaby (2009), who has been awarded the 2013 Dan Rookwood Award for outstanding contribution to College sport in 2000. Kat was presented with the award by the Master at the Amalgamated Clubs reception on Wednesday 8 May 2013. The runners-up were Peter Dudfield (2007) and Matt McBride (2010).

Kat is thirteenth winner of the award, which was donated to Pembroke by Dan Rookwood (1996). The winner is chosen by the captains of the College sports teams by secret ballot. All three students will receive a small cash gift, kindly given by Winston Ginsberg (1986).

(Photo taken by James Anderson)