Professor Jonathan Steinberg becomes Patron of the Pembroke-King’s Programme

by Nick Godfrey

Professor Jonathan Steinberg, Walter H. Annenberg Professor of Modern European History at the University of Pennsylvania and Emeritus Fellow at Trinity Hall, has accepted the position of Patron of the Pembroke-King’s Programme (PKP).  On accepting the position Professor Steinberg had the following to say:

Jonathan Steinberg“I am proud and flattered to be asked to serve as a ‘patron’ of the Pembroke-King’s Program. The experiences I had over the last five years, both in classes which I taught and in individual Cambridge-style supervisions, belong to the most memorable of my long teaching career.  Several of the students I supervised were the most gifted young people I have taught anywhere.  The intensity of the class teaching combined with seminar formats, an intensity heightened by the effort to get into just under eight weeks of PKP teaching what in my American university we can extend over fourteen, gives the program an energy and excitement unique to it.  The lunches with colleagues in the beautiful second court of Pembroke College in the Thomas Gray Room, where problems and teaching techniques are exchanged with utter frankness, have no equivalent anywhere else that I have worked.  The privileges afforded to us in the two host colleges, the different libraries, entertainment in the most beautiful surrounding anywhere, add to the thrill that students and most us working in the classroom feel.  Finally, the presence of students from all over the world make the class and seminar teaching as instructive for teachers as for the students.  There is nothing like PKP and long may it flourish.”