Conservation of Lancelot Andrewes manuscript

by Pat Aske


Lancelot Andrewes Manuscript

In 2013 Pembroke College acquired, with the help of a Benefactor, Cliff Webb, a manuscript connected to Lancelot Andrewes from a retired academic who had taken possession of it at the closure of the Presbyterian College in Carmarthen in the 1960s.  This manuscript is important because it gives us a unique glimpse into Andrewes’ early career.  This is an early seventeenth-century copy of Andrewes’ Apospasmatia SACRA: or, A collection of posthumous and orphan lectures.  These are all lectures  given in London – at St Paul’s and St Giles Cripplegate but delivered during the time of  his Mastership of Pembroke. This manuscript is of great interest to Andrewes scholars and, more generally, to students of early modern religious culture.  When we bought it, the manuscript was in a state of disrepair and was taken to the Cambridge Colleges Conservation Consortium to be completely restored.  It is now in an excellent state and can be consulted by scholars.  It is presently on display in the College Library