CRCC Asia Internship in China – Summer 2014

by Sally March

Pembroke is pleased to invite applications from Pembroke undergraduates in their first and second years (and third years, if studying on a four year course) to take up a fully funded internship in China during the 2014 Long Vacation. The successful candidate will gain the invaluable, immersive experience of working in an International or Chinese company.

The internship is kindly sponsored by CRCC Asia, which is currently the largest provider of internships in China. The company was founded in 2006, by Cambridge alumnus Edward Holroyd Pearce, and in 2008 Tom Kirkwood, a 1987 Pembroke College alumnus in Oriental Studies (Chinese), invested in the organisation and became a director. Since 2008 over 3,400 participants from over 150 countries have taken part in CRCC Asia’s programmes. This year it expects to place around 2,000 students in firms in Beijing, Sanya, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Most sectors are represented, including biotechnology, marketing, finance and law.

The value of the award is approximately £3,000, which will cover the cost of flights, visa, accommodation, one month internship program and weekly Mandarin lessons.

You will have the option to add a one month language program or increase to a two or three month internship program at CRCC Asia’s discretion.

There are start dates each month throughout the Long Vacation period. Further details on their award-winning programmes can be found on CRCC Asia’s website:

Application procedure

Applicants should submit a CV, together with a statement of not more than 500 words describing their academic interests and their proposed course of study in China, to the Tutorial Office by the Thursday 27th February 2014. Applicants should ensure that the CV and statement of interests between them cover the following points:

1. academic record and non-academic activities at Cambridge;
2. reasons for wanting to take up an internship in China;
3. which type of internship the applicant is interested in and for what period of time;
4. plans for travel in China on completion of the programme;
5. plans for subsequent career or study.

Applicants should also ask their Director of Studies or Tutor (or other appropriate referee, such as a supervisor) to provide them with a reference, to reach the Tutorial Office by the same date, February 27th 2014. Interviews for the shortlisted candidates will be held at the end of the 2014 Lent Term.