Professor Lizieri awarded prestigious David Ricardo Medal

by Sally March

Prof Lizieri

Colin Lizieri (2009), Grosvenor Professor of Real Estate Finance, has been honoured by the American Real Estate Society with the David Ricardo Medal, their highest award for academic research in real estate. The citation commended him for his “innovative and extensive publications on real estate office markets and the role of capital in urban development. It is presented in recognition of his thought leadership, his profound influence on new directions of research, teaching, public policy and practice.”

Professor Lizieri joined Pembroke in 2009 from the University of Reading’s Henley Business School, where he had been Professor of Real Estate Finance. He has published more than 100 works in over more than thirty years working in real estate research and consultancy. His research interests include commercial real estate investment, risk and return; office market modelling and global office markets; international capital flows in real estate; the relationship between real asset prices and credit markets; and real estate’s role in urban development.

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