Pembroke-King’s Programme 2014

by Rachel Smith

The Pembroke-King’s Programme 2014 is currently underway.

Almost 400 students from around the world have travelled to Cambridge for eight weeks of high-quality teaching.


Whilst they are here they can choose from a wide range of courses, including Lego Robotics, International Law, and Film and Theatre Journalism. The plenary lectures in the Union Society Chamber, which all students attend, cover anything from drugs to justice and artificial intelligence to cannabis.

During the evenings and weekends there are plenty of social activities, including visits to London and the chance to enjoy spectacular views from the roof of King’s College Chapel. A weekend trip to Edinburgh also forms a vital part of the experience and one which many students find especially memorable.

Director of International Programmes, David Jarvis, says: ‘As ever this is our most exciting time of the year. It is difficult to convey the ‘buzz’ generated by such a diverse group of talented students interacting both with their lecturers and with each other. The cocktail of intellectual energy and sheer fun is a heady one, and it feels a privilege to be part of it. ’