Goodbye PKP 2014!

by Rachel Smith

The Pembroke-King’s Programme 2014 has come to an end.

Over the past eight weeks, students have enjoyed an action-packed schedule of lectures, seminars, supervisions and social activities. We asked them to tell us, in their own way, what they thought of the programme. The response included hundreds of fantastic photos showcasing a range of the activities that they have undertaken.

Below is a small selection:

We’ve also had some keen film-makers. This quirky music video gives you an idea of how much the students have enjoyed their time here:

You can find more on the PKP Facebook page, WordPress blog and YouTube channel.

Several of the students have also been writing their own blogs. You can explore them using the links below:

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Nikki Friedman: | Kim Smith:
Amelia Trant: | Muzna Abbas:
Julia Montgomery: | Vicky Pan:
Courtney Whidden: | Shira Jackman:
Alexandra Tai: