International Security and Intelligence 2014

by Rachel Smith

This July Pembroke ran the International Security and Intelligence (ISI) summer programme.

This was the second year that the programme had been held. It was once again Co-Chaired by Sir Richard Dearlove, former Head of the British Secret Intelligence Service and current Master of Pembroke College, and Professor Christopher Andrew, Emeritus Professor of Modern and Contemporary History. Sir Richard said: ‘For serious scholars of the world of intelligence and security services and their interface with government this course will be amongst the very best available anywhere.’

Students stayed for three weeks in order to work with leading practitioners and academics from the security and intelligence communities in an exploration of the ‘craft of intelligence’. At the core of the programme, a series of nine plenary lectures offered students a chance to hear from a range of distinguished speakers including Judge James E. Baker, Chief Judge to the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, and the academic historian and journalist Professor Lord Peter Hennessy. One PhD student described these lectures as a ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’.

Plenary lectures were accompanied by further talks, seminars and supervisions in which important contemporary security issues were discussed and researched further. Some students then opted to stay for a further week in order to receive one-to-one supervisions on a research paper or thesis.

Course Co-convenor Dr Michael Goodman claimed: ‘Although this is an academic course, it is also a social course. It’s important people to get to know each other and work closely together. It’s a great opportunity in lovely historic surroundings to probe some of the finer delicacies of intelligence.’ As well as dining in College, students had a chance to explore the many cultural offerings of Cambridge and the surrounding area. The programme began with a trip to Bletchley Park and students also made the most of the sights of nearby London.

Here, ISI student Allison talks about her experience of attending the programme this summer:

Our International Programmes YouTube channel contains further interviews with Course Co-convenors Dr Michael Goodman and Lt Cdr David Gioe describing the programme in more detail.

The course will run again in 2015 and further information will be available on the ISI web pages from October.