Royal Society awards for Professors Davies and Grey

by Rachel Smith

Not one, but two Pembroke Fellows have recently received awards from The Royal Society.

Professor Nicholas Davies FRS has been awarded the prestigious 2015 Croonian Lecture, which is widely considered to be ‘the premier lecture in the biological sciences’. He receives the award for his work on the interactions between cuckoos and their hosts, as well as the process of co-evolution and ‘the extraordinary biology of these unusual birds’. Professor Davies joined Pembroke College as a Fellow in 1979, when he also took up a Professorship in Behavioural Ecology at the Department of Zoology.

Professor Clare Grey FRS has received the 2014 Davy Medal. The Davy Medal is awarded annually ‘for an outstandingly important recent discovery in any branch of chemistry’. Professor Grey was selected for the medal in recognition of her pioneering work on solid state nuclear magnetic resonance. The Royal Society describes Professor Grey as ‘a recognized world leader in the use of solid state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to study structure and function in inorganic materials’ and, importantly, the materials that she investigates have relevance to energy and the environment. Professor Grey is both a Fellow of Pembroke College and the Geoffrey Moorhouse Gibson Professor of Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry.

More information about both of the awards is available on The Royal Society website.