Launch of PemWomen@30

by Rachel Smith

PemWomen@30 med-res logo

In 1984 the first women students arrived at Pembroke. The College is marking the 30th anniversary with a number of events throughout the 2014-15 academic year.

The objective of PemWomen@30 is not only to reflect on the issues and debates that led up to the decision to admit women, but also to examine what has happened in the past 30 years, as well as to consider where Pembroke would like to be with regards to diversity in 2044.

In marking this anniversary through a series of events and activities, the intention is to reach out to all members of Pembroke’s community – women and men, fellows and staff, current and past students, and those in the University and beyond.

Monica Wirz, Head of the PemWomen@30 Committee, says: ‘I think this year of events is really important. We’re not just throwing one party, which would be the easy thing. With a year of different events, we are getting people to think. It’s a chance to reflect on the past, consider how things have changed over the past few decades and to talk about how we might move forward.’

Throughout the coming academic year, Pembroke will be hosting talks, a symposium, displays, dinners and more. Further information can be found at