Transforming greenhouse gases into graphene

by Rachel Smith

Dr Krzysztof Koziol has made the remarkable achievement of successfully transforming greenhouse gases into pure graphene on an industrial scale.

Dr Koziol is one of the co-founders of Cambridge Nanosystems, a spin-off company from the University of Cambridge. The company aims to develop high-quality, pure graphene: a thin sheet of carbon that is just one atom thick. Graphene has the potential to transform materials in a wide range of industries; it is strong, light-weight, and an efficient conductor of light and electricity.

Cambridge Nanosystems has been producing graphene since 2013. Today, they announced that they are constructing a plant in East Cambridge that will house their first full-scale production unit, allowing them to make ten times the quantity.

Says Dr Koziol: ‘We decided to stay in Cambridge to build this new company because of its unique start-up community. We received excellent support from conventional sources such as the entrepreneurial community, but also from the local council who helped us to locate a suitable site for our new cutting edge manufacturing facility. We look forward to building Cambridge Nanosystems into the world’s leading supplier of ultra-high quality graphene, whilst bringing high-skilled jobs to the local area.’

For more information, see the article on the Cambridge News website.

Dr Krzysztof Koziol is The Royal Society University Research Fellow, Oppenheimer Research Fellow and a Fellow of Pembroke College. He is also one of Pembroke’s Corporate Partnership Programme Fellows. Dr Koziol is head of Electrical Carbon Nanomaterials Group at the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy in Cambridge and is Executive Director of Cambridge Nanosystems.