Professor Tim Bussey releases song with ScienceGrrls

by Rachel Smith

Today Professor Tim Bussey and an army of ScienceGrrls release a cover version of Thomas Dolby’s 1982 hit She Blinded Me With Science.

The song, which will appear today on iTunes, is performed by Professor Bussey and his band, Violet Transmissions. It is a celebration women in science and the music video features a number of young women scientists. All proceeds from the song will go to ScienceGrrl, an organisation dedicated to celebrating and supporting women in science.

Thomas Dolby has offered his backing, providing samples from his original hit featuring British scientist and TV presenter Magnus Pyke. The music video also features clips from the BBC drama Orphan Black, which has a strong female cast including several scientists.

Professor Bussey says: ‘In my field, neuroscience – and certainly in my lab – many of the best scientists are women, including my wife Lisa Saksida, with whom I run the lab. And as Director of Studies, I consistently find that many of top candidates for admission at undergraduate level are women. So it’s shocking that most of the faces at my level of career progression are male. Clearly women are being put off science somewhere along the way. We’ve released this cover of Thomas Dolby’s hit as way of celebrating women in science and helping raise awareness of some of the issues they face.’

For an interview with Professor Bussey and Dr Heather Williams, Director of ScienceGrrl, see our blog. Additional interviews with the women scientists featured in the video can be found at