Why did Marie de St Pol found Pembroke?

by Sally March
Marie de St Pol praying to St Cecilia

Marie de St Pol praying to St Cecilia

Professor Sylvia Huot, FBA, will talk about ‘The Religious Education of the Foundress of Pembroke College, Marie de St. Pol’ at the Ivory Tower Society on Tuesday 4 November.

Marie de St. Pol founded Pembroke College in the 14th century. What would have inspired her to dedicate her financial support and effort to the establishment of a college at the still-young Cambridge University? In this talk Sylvia Huot explores the religious and intellectual background Marie would have grown up in at the court of St. Pol in France and what the books commissioned by her mother tell us about the education she would have had there, as well as a bit about Marie’s own devotional interests.

The talk is free to attend and will be held at 5.30pm, in N7. Refreshments will be available.