Seminar for Graduates prize goes to Daniel Kinsey

by Rachel Smith

Daniel Kinsey (2014) was declared the winner of the Seminar for Graduates last Friday.

The event gave members of the graduate community a chance to present their research in front of a gathered audience of College members that included the Master.  The challenge was the 20/20 format: speakers had to provide a PowerPoint presentation containing just 20 slides, and speak about each one for a mere 20 seconds.

From super-fast computers to urban planning, and particle physics to hand transplants, the audience were amazed by the range of research undertaken by graduate students at Pembroke.


The winner of the evening was Daniel Kinsey, who is studying for an LLM. His presentation revealed the surprising legislation concerning the rights that individuals have over their private property within in the UK, particularly in relation to works of art. Daniel is the current holder of the Davis McCaughey Cambridge Australia Scholarship.

The titles of the other presentations were as follows:

Omar Hausien (2009) ‘How to harvest a donor limb for hand transplantation: a handy approach’

Katherine Prater (2014) ‘Brussels Quartier Midi: Enacting Transnationalism and Debating Cosmopolitanism’

Benjamin Pingault (2011) ‘Towards a diamond-based computer’

Matthew Lim (2010) ‘Particle Physics: Phenomenology and Precision’

For more examples of the range of subjects that our graduate students research, see the College blog.