Pembroke Fellow’s start-up acquired by Docker

by Katie McIvor
Dr Anil Madhapaveddy

Dr Anil Madhapaveddy

Unikernel Systems, a start-up co-founded by staff and postdoctoral researchers at the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory, has been acquired by a major Californian company, Docker Inc.

Dr Anil Madhapaveddy, who joined Pembroke College as a Fellow in 2015, is a lecturer in Computer Science. He was one of the co-founders of Unikernel Systems in 2015. Unikernel Systems provides a new approach to building, deploying and managing cloud services, with the aim of making unikernel technology more applicable and accessible.

With Docker’s support, the start-up hopes to be able to realize the enormous potential of unikernels and will continue to contribute to open source projects such as MirageOS.

For more information, please visit the Unikernel Systems website.