Students: do you have a business idea and would £2,000 help you to advance it? The Parmee Prize for Enterpreneurship and Enterprise

by Jane Moorman

We are pleased to announce that the 2016-17 Parmee Prize competition is now open to all Pembroke graduate and undergraduate students.  It offers students a unique combination of advice, practical support and also potential further funding – for all applicants, not only the winners.

Previous winners have continued to benefit from on-going mentoring and support since their success in the competition.

If you have a business idea, or a research project with business potential, then enter the 2016-17 Parmee Prize competition and let our panel of entrepreneurs help you take it to the next stage.  This prize was founded by Richard Parmee (1970), who is a William Pitt Fellow at the College and runs a local business, Cheyney Group.

Whether your project comes out of formal research, or your own interests, you could benefit from the panellists´ mentoring and contacts.  Most, if not all, of the panellists are Pembroke alumni, and have a wealth of commercial and technical experience.  Ideas from joint projects involving at least one Pembroke student are welcome, as long as the Pembroke member of the team takes the lead during the presentation.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for Pembroke students, and one that offers much more than the prize of £2,000.  Further mentoring and funding could help you take your idea to market, and realise its full business potential.

If you are interested but would like to discuss the competition before applying please contact Jane Moorman in the Development Office, on (3)32598,  email

To apply please complete the online application form at .  You can also download a Word document of the application form and send it to me instead if you prefer.  You may also send me any support documents that you feel may be useful.

All entries should be received by 9 am on Thursday 26 January 2017.