Dr Silvana Cardoso awarded the Davidson Medal

by Alice Oates

Congratulations to Dr Silvana Cardoso on being awarded the Inaugural Davidson Medal by the Institution of Chemical Engineers.

Silvana CordosaDr Cardoso has been awarded the inaugural Davidson Medal of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. The medal is named in honour of Professor John Davidson, the former head of the department of chemical engineering at the University of Cambridge, and former president of the IChemE. The Davidson medal is awarded for outstanding mentorship to young chemical engineers, in academia or industry.

Silvana has an outstanding track record in the mentoring undergraduate and graduate students.  She has developed a 4th year undergraduate course on Fluid Mechanics & the Environment, which pioneers worldwide the teaching of fundamentals to understand timely topics such as the BP oil plume in the Gulf of Mexico (2010), the Fukushima radioactive cloud (2011), the current storage of carbon dioxide in geological reservoirs, e.g., at Sleipner, North Sea, and the melting of submarine methane hydrates as climate warms.  Silvana’s undergraduate and graduate research projects have been awarded numerous prizes both within the University and by the IChemE.  Her research students have co-authored papers in the highest-impact and prestige journals, including Nature Communications, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and the Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

Silvana commented, “Professor John Davidson is an inspirational fluid dynamicist in the department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at Cambridge.  It is therefore a great honour that my work with undergraduate and graduate students here has been recognised by the award of the first Davidson medal.  I am extremely grateful for all the nominations from my past students for this award.”

You can read more about the Davidson Medal here