Pembroke Fellows Promoted

by Alice Oates

Five Pembroke Fellows have been promoted to Professor or Reader this year:

Silvana Cardoso

Promoted to Professor

Research interests: Industrial and environmental fluid mechanics, two-phase flow, mixing and mathematics.

This year Dr Cardoso was also awarded the Davidson medal, which is awarded for outstanding mentorship to young chemical engineers, in academia or industry.

Menna Clatworthy

Promoted to Reader

Research interests: Nephrology and Transplantation

This year Dr Clatworthy received the Pilkington Prize, which is awarded to individuals who have made a substantial contribution to the teaching programme of a department, faculty, or the university as a whole.

Paul Warde

Promoted to Reader

Research interests: The environmental and economic history of Europe, c.1500 to the present, with particular interests in energy and resource use, and environmental and economic thought.

John Durrell

Promoted to Reader

Research interests: the structure and properties of the Flux Line Lattice in superconductors

You can learn more about Dr Durrell’s research in this video interview

Tim Weil

Promoted to Senior Lecturer

Research interests: animal development, especially localised translation of RNA and egg activation

You can learn more about Dr Weil’s research in this video interview