Dr Dan Tucker: Global Food Security Researcher of the Month

by Alice Oates

Dr Dan Tucker, Senior Tutor and Fellow in Veterinary Medicine at Pembroke is the Cambridge Global Food Security Initiative’s Researcher of the Month for November.

The Cambridge Global Food Security Initiative is an interdisciplinary research centre created to address the challenge of ensuring that all people have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food.  It is a virtual network of researchers, promoting interacting, knowledge sharing, and collaborative research.

Dr Tucker specialises in pigs, and is currently working in Myanmar.  His work is investigating how the pig supply chain is adapting to the demands of Myanmar’s emerging economy, and how to make a difference to daily lives by boosting production.  Dr Tucker works with the Myanmar Pig Partnership to find ways to promote better animal health, improve productivity, and improve food safety.  The full interview with Dr Tucker is available on the Initiative’s website.