Pembroke students organise academic conference on abortion rights

by Alice Oates

Helen Jennings (2016), a second-year Law undergraduate at Pembroke, is organising an academic conference to discuss abortion rights in the UK and Ireland. Charlotte Araya Moreland (2016) is also on the committee, as Funding and Publicity Officer. Helen is President of the Conference Committee, and founder of the project. They are currently accepting paper submissions (see below for more details).

Helen Jennings (2016) c-right Helen Jennings

Helen, founder

Charlotte Araya Moreland (2016) c-right Charlotte A.M.

Charlotte, Funding and Publicity







About the conference:

The provision of abortion services for women, including the extent to which one can consider abortion a “right”, is one of the foremost human rights issues facing citizens of the United Kingdom and Ireland today.

This issue deserves the full engagement of our best legal minds. To this end, the conference we are organising will be entirely focussed on the legal frameworks in place, their interaction with human rights law, and the potential of recent legal and political developments and litigation to change the law. This will not be a propagandist or partisan rally – it will be an academic conference where the issues are dealt with openly, conversations and debate will be sparked and hopefully both our audiences and speakers will come away having heard new and insightful perspectives. We will be accepting paper submissions and having panel spaces open to both “pro-choice” and “pro-life” lawyers, academics, and undergraduate/postgraduate researchers.

Conference (organised by Helen Jennings, Charlotte Araya Moreland also on committee)