Semester Students 2018 – welcome!

by Alice Oates

We were delighted to welcome the 2018 cohort of the Spring Semester Programme who arrived at Pembroke last week.

The students, many of whom are from leading US universities and colleges such as Harvard and Yale, have already begun to settle well into life at Pembroke attending a welcome buffet, orientation sessions and a welcome formal hall organised by the International Programmes department. By meeting members of the Junior Parlour Committee and their college families, the students have also been warmly welcomed into the undergraduate community.

The Spring Semester Programme offers these students the opportunity to study with us for the Lent and Easter terms (equivalent to one semester) of the Cambridge academic year. Not only do semester students matriculate as full members of Pembroke College, they matriculate as full members of the university and can access the full range of academic and non-academic facilities available to Cambridge undergraduates.

We wish the students a great start to the term and hope that their time with us is both enjoyable and academically enriching.

Applications for the Fall Semester Programme 2018 and Spring Semester Programme 2019 are now open. Please visit the website for more information, or take a look at our brochure.