The Pembroke-King’s Summer Programme 2018

by Anthony Wheeler

Pembroke is delighted to welcome 348 international students from 65 Universities and Institutions worldwide for the start of the Pembroke-King’s Summer Programme 2018.

Over the next six weeks students will benefit from the academic excellence and supportive environment renowned here at Pembroke. At the core of PKP is the academic content and while most students will take three courses across a variety of disciplines, some students will also work closely with an expert in their field on an independent supervision project.

Outside of the classroom our students will enjoy an exciting range of social, sporting and cultural activities. With invitations to formal halls and plenary lectures, and access to daily events lead by our team of Programme Assistants we really hope our students are able to make the most of their time in Cambridge and the UK.

Dr Geeta Kasanga, the Pembroke-King’s Summer Programme Director, said “I am thrilled to welcome this year’s PKP students to Pembroke and King’s Colleges. The profiles of the students and our experience of engaging with them have been superb and I am fully expecting this PKP to be an exceptional year! For 2/3 of our students PKP is their first study abroad experience and we hope the next six weeks will be an academically enriching and unforgettable experience.”