Guide to meeting room bookings in RMS (Rooms Management System)


The RMS is a electronic room booking system, which allows certain users to book facilities outright, others to be able to request or just view exisiting room bookings.

Link to RMS

Viewing availability

Go to Bookings > Meeting rooms

  1. Select the agreement relevant for the room you want to book:
  2. The relevant rooms will be shown for today
  3. Click on a date in the calendar to see other dates.  1 day is shown by default; you can change this to up to 7 days from date selected.
  4. You can also show specific dates by holding the shift key down and clicking on the dates in the calendar.
  5.  Booked slots are shown in green.  Requests are shown in orange.
Making a booking or request
  1. When you hover over an available slot a free button appears.
  2. Click on the free button, select the length of the meeting.
  3. Click on Book or Request.

Making a repeat booking
  1. You need to have all the dates on which you want to repeat the booking on screen.  (This will be improved as we develop further.)
  2. Click on the free button for the first date you want to book and select the length of the meeting.
  3. Click on ‘Occurs: Just this once’ and select ‘Each day selected’.
  4. Click on Book or Request.

Changing  a booking
  1. Click on the booking icon.
  2. Click on the top left hand corner (on the room and time) to change the location or time.  Choose your new free slot on the grid and click on Update.
  3. You can also enter a ‘topic’ for the meeting when you update it which may be useful for other people to see.

Managing  bookings
  1. If you are a manager you can approve or deny requests.  Click on the booking icon to Approve or Deny.
  2. Managers can also change or delete bookings.


Reports (not available to all users)
  1. Go to Reports > Meeting rooms.
  2. The PDF report may be used by the porters to print off room bookings for the day.


As this is a relatively new system constructive feedback can be emailed to: team@casc.cam.ac.uk