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1979 Reunion Bursary Appeal

Alumni who matriculated at Pembroke 40 years ago are marking their reunion year by clubbing together to provide financial support to students at the College today. Donations will be split between support for undergraduate and graduate students.

The aim is to raise at least £13,500 for student support at Pembroke, enough to fund three undergraduate students and one graduate student matriculating in 2019.

Undergraduate student support

With tuition fees of £9,250 p.a. and annual living costs of a similar amount, it is important that Pembroke is able to continue offering high levels of financial support to students from low income backgrounds, especially as they now have to borrow all the money they need to live and study - there are no grants at all.

Donations from the 1979 Bursary appeal will be used to support students from household incomes of less than £25k p.a. with their living expenses.  

£2.5k raised will support one undergraduate in 2019-20.

Graduate student support

Equally, finances should not be a barrier to postgraduate study, where the financial divide also continues. Donations from the 1979 Bursary appeal will be used to support Pembroke undergraduates, wishing to remain at the College to study for a Master's degree, which is increasingly important as a necessary career move. Furthermore, many of our students wish to go on and forge careers in academia and research, and a master’s degree is a prerequisite to gaining admittance into PhD courses.

Recipients must have received a First at undergraduate level and will be expected to apply for all other forms of funding they are eligible for and take up that funding in the first instance. This will ensure that the awards enable students to pursue postgraduate study who would otherwise have been entirely self-funded.  

£6k will support one Master's student in 2019-20.

Why participate?

The best and brightest students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level should feel able to apply to Pembroke and benefit from a Pembroke education and experience without debilitating financial concerns. Together, the 1979 year group can help make this happen.

If everyone contributes even a relatively small amount, we will be able to make a big difference as a group to current students at Pembroke.

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Alternatively, you can make a single gift by credit/debit card here.

Please note! 

If you would prefer to give via another method, you absolutely can.

Alternative methods of giving are:   

• By cheque or CAF cheque made payable to 'Pembroke College, Cambridge' and posted to Pembroke 

• By bank transfer using the details found here -   

• Via Cambridge in America, to give tax-efficiently from the US -  

• By calling the Development Office on +44 (0)1223 338149 to set up a direct debit or pay over the phone