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2019 Student Telethon Callers


I am a second year Biological Natural Sciences student hoping to continue with chemistry in my third year. Pembroke has been supportive academically, socially and financially, providing access to amazing supervisors, sports teams and travel grants. I have enjoyed being a member of Pembroke College Badminton Club and plan to join the women’s football club next year. I have already greatly benefitted from my time at Pembroke and am looking forward to the telephone campaign to help to raise money to ensure that the opportunities that I have received are accessible to others, regardless of their financial situation.



I am a first-year student at Pembroke studying Spanish and Latin. Pembroke has been a very welcoming environment, and I really value the support it provides on many different levels: from societies such as “Pem Art” creating a space to unwind and foster your creativity without feeling pressure, to the financial assistance for academic travel. Cambridge is a wonderful place to study, with so much to take advantage of in your free time whether in the form of theatre, the varied music scene, or simply going for a walk to Grantchester to clear your mind. Considering the opportunities I’ve been given in my first year alone, I am really excited to be able to help raise money for the Time and Place Campaign, which will enable more students in the future both to benefit from everything Pembroke has to offer and to help sustain the diverse and enriching student cohort.


I’m an MPhil student at Pembroke, studying English. My research is currently focused on British Experimental Literature of the 1960s, although I’m interested in arts across a broad spectrum, and in philosophies of culture and society. Pembroke has been such a wonderful and welcoming place for me to study, and so I’m particularly excited for the opportunity to show my gratitude to the college by taking part in the telephone campaign. It’s really important to me that Pembroke continues being able to offer the diverse and warm environment that I’ve benefited so much from; I’m also really excited to hear about the experiences that Pembroke alumni have had here in the past, and what they’ve gone on to do after graduating.


Hi, my name is Nathan and I'm a first-year English student at Pembroke. My journey to Pembroke was a rocky one, as I got pooled twice! Luckily, I made my way through the murky waters of the Summer Pool into Pembroke College, or rather, they very kindly fished me out. When I'm not reading copious tomes for my degree, I spend a lot of my time playing bridge at the University Bridge Club. I also enjoy helping out at Access events as they give me an opportunity to tell people why Pembroke is the best college - being the impartial tour guide that I am. I've been known to play the odd game of squash (or croquet in the summer) and I help out with the college Christian Union. Some say I have a penchant for politics and I'll admit to staying up to watch the election results live. I'm looking forward to chatting with you all and finding out more about what Pembroke used to be like and what Pembroke graduates go on to do.


I am a third-year student at Pembroke studying History, specialising in Early Modern History. I have thoroughly enjoyed studying here; Pembroke deserves its reputation as an excellent college! Apart from studying for my degree, I am also Pembroke`s JPC Access Officer and get involved with projects that are college and university wide regarding these issues. As Access Officer I want to do the Telephone Campaign as the funds raised are essential for continuing the fantastic opportunities college offer to help less financially able students (such as bursaries), as well as making the overall college better than it already is!



I am second year undergraduate studying (mostly medieval) history. I’ve loved my time at Pembroke so far, and had a great time working on the Telephone Campaign last year. While I’m in Cambridge, I play badminton and football for Pembroke, and I am co-captain of the Women’s Seconds football team. I also write and edit for Varsity, and love being part of the college community. I want to do the Telephone Campaign again because I really enjoyed speaking to alumni last year and hearing about their experiences of Pembroke. It’s so important to appreciate the work that goes into college being the friendly and welcoming environment that it is, and I want to do my bit to help Pembroke keep supporting its students as much as it already does


I’m a second year natural sciences student and have loved my time at Pembroke so far. I enjoy walks, travelling and I’m part of the Pembroke Women’s Badminton team. I’m extremely grateful for the support I’ve received from college through bursaries and travel grants so I’m excited to give back to the college through working on the telephone campaign.

I’m looking forward to speaking to alumni about their experiences and also to be part of a team responsible for raising money for important developments in the college.




I’m a fourth year MML student studying German, Russian and Polish. I’ve been an active member of the Pembroke community since matriculating, singing with the College Choir in first year, and sitting on the JPC as LGBT+ Officer in second year. I’ve just spent my Year Abroad studying at the St Petersburg Faculty of Liberal Arts. Whilst in Russia, I have volunteered as an English teacher for a organisation which academically supports the children of migrants and refugees, and have also run a weekly feminist English conversation club with a local feminist charity.

Being from a financially disadvantaged background, I have been on the receiving end of a phenomenal amount of support from Pembroke. It was incredibly important for me to participate in the Telephone Campaign as a way of saying thank you, and giving back to the College which has already given me so much! I look forward to talking to former Pembroke students to inform them of the vital work which the Time and the Place campaign is undertaking, and to hear about their experiences post-Pembroke.


I am a second-year student studying Biological Natural Sciences at Pembroke College. Aside from my studies, I enjoy running, playing badminton on the college women’s team, and listening to and playing music. I have also written a few articles for the Pembroke magazine, PemStreet, and enjoy taking part in many other student-run clubs. I am very grateful to receive the academic, pastoral and financial aid that the college provides, and I am excited to contribute to the effort that helps make this available for other students, both present and future. I look forward to talking to alumni about their experiences during and post- Pembroke!



I am a recent graduate from Pembroke, having studied Biological Natural Sciences with a focus on Conservation Science. I could not be more grateful to the college for the support and opportunities provided during my degree which have allowed me to expand both my academic and extracurricular horizons. During my time at Pembroke I have been Green and Ethical Affairs Officer on the Junior Parlour Committee, a member of the 1347 committee, a member of Pembroke’s Green Society and captained the women’s football team to Cupper’s victory.




I’m a second year History student and have loved my time at Pembroke so far: I have been given so many opportunities and have definitely met friends for life. When I’m not working I enjoy getting involved in other aspects of college life, including Zumba classes and being a part of the women’s badminton team. I’m excited to be involved in this year’s telephone campaign, as I'm looking forward to hearing from alumni about their time at Pembroke and what they have gone on to do since graduating. I think the Mill Lane project is really exciting and along with the bursaries we are fundraising for will really benefit future students at Pembroke!



I'm going into my third year at Pembroke, studying Sociology and I have thoroughly enjoyed both of my years here so far. I've been lucky enough to be involved in many opportunities that the college has to offer, including being on the JPC for two years and benefitting from their student bursary. I'm very much looking forward to my third telephone campaign with Pembroke and the chance to help give back to a college that has given me so much academically and socially.





I am an English MPhil student, reading 18th Century and Romantic literature at Pembroke. My research largely concerns Miltonic allusion in William Wordsworth’s The Excursion. I evaluate how individual references to Milton operate within The Excursion and the implications they have for how we understand Wordsworth’s religious views and his interpretation of Milton’s Paradise Lost. Although I have not ruled out a PhD and an academic career, I am currently looking for jobs in publishing, media, and consulting. I have loved my time at Pembroke and will thoroughly enjoy hearing about the experiences of Pembroke alumni at this wonderful college.